Every year in England around 4,000 children are waiting for loving adoptive families. These children come from a range of backgrounds, but what they have in common is a difficult start in life and that they can no longer be brought up by their birth families. All these children need a loving, stable home.  


If you are interested in adopting your next step is to come to one of our Adoption Information Evenings, which are held fortnightly. You will find details on our website at or call our freephone number for more information: 0800 6940101.

Support after adoption

We provide support up to three years after the Adoption Order. After this, it is the responsibility of the borough in which you live (if different) to provide support.

Support is available to adoptive parents, an adoptive child, the birth child to an adoptive child or any person that the child has had an important relationship with.

Adoption support can involve:

  • advice and counselling
  • assessments of support needs
  • direct work with individuals and families
  • workshops and training on specific issues
  • opportunities to meet other adoptive families
  • support with contact between adoptive families and birth families   


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