Alcohol, entertainment, late night refreshment related licenses (Licensing Act 2003)

The Licensing Act 2003 makes local authorities the licensing authority for:

  • any sale of alcohol by retail
  • the supply of alcohol in a members club
  • regulated entertainment such as films, plays, indoor sports, boxing or wrestling, live or recorded music, or dancing
  • late-night refreshment (hot food or hot drink between 11pm and 5am).

In order to carry on any of these activities, you'll need the relevant licence/authorisation. The different types of licence/authorisation are:

  • premises licences- the license for a building, which permits one or more of the above activities
  • personal licences - in order sell alcohol from a premises that holds a premises licence you will need a personal licence holder
  • club premises certificate - similar to premises licence but for members only clubs
  • temporary event notices - for one-off type events for a limited period of time and numbers of people.

Licensing objectives

The Licensing Act created four licensing objectives which are the foundation of the licensing regime:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm.

Licensing policy

The council's licensing policy was published in January 2015 after wide consultation and will be reviewed every five years. It sets out our approach to the Licensing Act 2003. We aim to strike a balance between the rights of businesses, the rights of their customers to enjoy the services offered, and the rights of everyone to protection from badly managed licensed premises.

A revision to Section 182 Guidance published in April 2018 can be found at this link :-


Licensing register

For information on current licences or applications please follow the link to our online register.  Please also find a list of current new and variation applications,

Complaints about licensed premises

All licensed premises have to adhere to the conditions of their licence as well as promoting the four licensing objectives.  If you believe that a premises is not adhering to its licence conditions or promoting the licensing objectives then please contact us using the form positioned to the right.

Live Music Act

For more information on the Live Music Act, please see the premises licence page.

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