Get a venue approved for marriages and civil partnerships ( details on license finder )

If you are the owner or trustee of the premises ( building??) you can apply to us for a ‘grant of approval’ to hold civil marriages and civil partnerships .  The grant of approval will be valid for a minimum of 3 years. You can apply to renew your grant of approval if it expires in less than a year.

How to apply

Send the following to us:

  • details of yourself and your venue
  • a plan of the building showing the area where ceremonies will be held
  • documents -  eg a copy of your public liability insurance certificate ( what else do we need)
  • the fee ??? A fee is payable and is calculated on the capacity and number of rooms to be covered by the approval.

Once we receive your application we will inspect the premises and we will let you know within xxx if you have been approved to hold civil marriages and civil partnerships.

Find out more about applying for a grant of approval on the GOV.UK website


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