Child protection conferences and reviews

Child Protection Conferences and how they help protect children and young people in Barnet

A Child Protection Conference is held when Barnet council are worried that a child or children may be at risk of significant harm . This may be because of abuse or neglect.

The purpose of the conference is to:

  • share information about a child or children
  • decide if they are suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm
  • decide if they require a Child Protection Plan to safeguard and promote their welfare

About Protection Plans

Most children who need a Protection Plan do so for less than two years and stay living with their family during this time. Having a plan does not mean that a child will be taken away from their parent or carer. It is only the court (or in emergencies the police) who can decide that it is not safe for children to live at home.

If a child requires a protection plan, the child’s social worker will aim to work with the parent or carer and the other professionals involved to keep the child safe and protected.

Child in Care review meetings

Review meetings are held to talk about plans for all children who are in the care of Barnet Council’s Children’s Service. This is where we discuss how things are going for a child and how we can help in the future. These meetings take place within one month of a child coming into care, three months after that and then within every six months, until the plan ends.

Ensuring everybody's voice is heard

Whilst making sure that children and young people are safeguarded it is of vital importance that they contribute and participate in decisions that are made about their protection.

Children and young people can make contact with the Chair of a meeting (whether this was a Child Protection Conference or Child in Care Review) to discuss any issues. The Chair of the meeting will be happy to talk over any of these issues and feed back. For further information on this process contact the Senior Safeguarding Officer by calling 020 8359 7275.

If your child is subject to a Child Protection Conference or your child is in care or being looked after by the council, it is important that your views are taken into account when plans are made about your child. If you have any comments, compliments or complaints about the services you receive, we would be keen to hear from you. The Chair of the Conference/Looked After Review meeting would be happy to talk with you in the first instance to discuss any comment or complaint.


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