Council tax

You’ll usually have to pay council tax if you’re 18 or over rent a home but there are exemptions. To read more see Barnet’s Council Tax webpage 

Who's responsible for paying council tax in an Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)?

In a HMO, generally the landlord is responsible for paying council tax.

But, if tenants have a licence to occupy the entire dwelling and are jointly and severally liable to pay rent for the dwelling as a whole (usually by being on a single tenancy agreement), it is no longer an HMO by the council tax definition and the council tax liability falls to the tenants jointly and severally.

Households where everyone is a full time student, do not have to pay council tax but if you do receive a bill, you can apply to the council for an exemption. Where only some of the household are full-time students, you may qualify for a discount.

Find out more about more about council tax exemptions.

Contact the Council's Revenue Services for further information and advice.

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