Apply for a Mental Impairment Council Tax discount or exemption

If you live with other people

If you are older than 18 and have a severe mental impairment, you will not be counted for the Council Tax bill and you should apply for a discount. 

Each person in the property with a severe mental impairment must apply separately.

If you live by yourself

If you have a severe mental impairment and live alone then you do not have to pay Council Tax and should apply for an exemption.

How to apply

To apply for a Council Tax exemption or discount for a severe mental impairment you must download the severe mental impairment discount and exemption form (PDF 173 KB)

 Each person with a severe mental impairment in the property must complete a copy of the form

  • You must provide evidence that you get at least one of the qualifying benefits
  • You must get the form signed by your doctor

When you have completed the form, return it to:

London Borough of Barnet
Revenue Services, PO Box 2016
Pershore, WR10 9BH

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