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Sometimes children and young people can’t live with their parents or people they already know for a wide range of reasons. This is where foster carers come in.

You can be flexible about the types of fostering you offer, however we are currently looking for foster carers that are able to care for teenagers, sibling groups and children/young people with additional needs.

Types of foster care

  • Short Term: Can be from a few days to a couple of years, whilst we work to get the child back home
  • Long Term: Sometimes the child or young person cannot return home or to their wider network
  • Unaccompanied Minors: This is a child who has been separated from their parents and/or family and does not have the presence of a legal guardian. This could be short or long term
  • Emergency Placements: A child could need a placement at any time day or night and by offering emergency placements you could get a call at any time.

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