Fostering process

Step one

You’ve decided you want to be a foster carer. At this point a member of our team visits you and your family at home to discuss your potential for fostering.

​Step two

You complete the Fostering Application form.

You or you and partner will be invited to attend our local 3 day Skills to Foster training course.

Courses are run at weekends and on weekdays. The course is run by one of our foster carers and members of our team. You will also meet young people who have experienced foster care.

Step three

This is your fostering assessment. Steps two and three may happen at the same time.

The assessment is where we explore many areas of your life to ensure you have the potential to be a foster carer. You will meet with one of our social workers over an average period of four months to get to know you and your family a lot better. We will support you throughout this process and you can also attend our monthly support groups to talk to our foster carers.

Step four

Once they have completed your assessment (Step 3) your social worker will write a report that goes to our fostering panel. You will attend the fostering panel, where the decision will be made as to whether you will become a foster carer.

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