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My bin wasn't collected

Check the following reasons for non collection:

1. Your correct bin collection dates.
Remember that garden waste is collected fortnightly.

2. A bin hanger was left on your bin 
Collection crews will use bin hangers to inform you of the reason your bin was not collected.

3. Was your bin placed on the property boundary, with the lid closed by 6am?

We can't empty bins not correctly presented for collection. We are fully aware that it's not always possible to put all bins on the boundary of your property therefore there's flexibility in place to change the point of collection for those residents that are affected. If you believe this is an issue for you please contact Street Based Services on 020 8359 4600 and this will be investigated.

4. Severe weather conditions.
In severe weather conditions we may be unable to collect your waste and recycling. Please check the main Rubbish, Waste and Recycling pages and our Facebook and Twitter feeds for up-to-date information or contact Street Based Services using the contact details below.

5. Your bin was too heavy or overfilled.
Your bin will not be emptied if it is too heavy or overfilled. In some cases, overly heavy bins can cause injury to our crew or damage to the vehicle. Please remove any heavy items from your bin to enable us to empty it on your next scheduled collection day.

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