Report a tree issue

Report a tree issue on council land[S1] 

If you have any concerns about a tree on council land[S2] , please contact us with location details and a member of our team will investigate your concern.


If you're reporting storm damage or are concerned that a tree may be unsafe, please contact us giving as much detail, as soon as possible.

  • location
  • size of the tree
  • possible risks

Private trees[S3] 

Trees on private land are the responsibility of the landowner.

The Arboricultural Association also has a list of approved tree surgeons and contractors that covers the whole of the UK.[S4] 

Footway disruption by tree roots

The maintenance of our roads are the responsibility of our Highways Team. If tree roots are disrupting the footway and you consider this might cause any difficulties, please use the contact details below.

  • Tel: 020 8359 3555


 [S1]What is council land? Would be helpful to give examples

 [S2]What type of concerns? what are you most contacted about? We need to say that here - so the user know eaxctly if this information is relevant to them or not

 [S3]How  does a user know what is private land? Would be helpful to include examples

 [S4]Confusing why this information is on the page under the heading of 'private trees' is this becuse we get requests for work to be carried out on trees that are on private land? If so we need a few lines explaining what a private owner of a tree needs to do and not to contact us.

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