Pre-application planning advice

We encourage developers to seek advice before application.

We have decided the council tax payer should not finance the cost of this service. We charge a fee for pre-application advice on some development proposals and briefs.

The Benefits of pre-application advice

Pre-application discussions and/or written advice can benefit you by:

  • identifying the planning issues and requirements, speeding up the development process
  • helping to minimise extra planning application costs
  • avoiding wasted applications.

For pre-application queries, contact

Request pre-application advice

We also offer a Fast Track service to speed up the administration and review of pre-planning submissions.

Information required with pre-application request

The Council will require sufficient information to be provided to enable a quality advice service to be provided. This includes:

  • A description of the proposed development and schedule of proposed uses
  • A site location plan (scale 1:1250)
  • Photographs and sketch drawings showing the site, buildings and trees as existing, together with the schedule of uses.
  • Outline of proposal (on plans scale 1:200).


We base our charges for pre-application advice on the size and complexity of the proposed development, and if we include a face-to-face meeting. Extra charges may also apply where meetings include more specialist advice.

You must pay the standard fee before the first meeting. The standard fee includes the case officer's time to complete the investigation, have the meeting and write the final comments.

We will invoice you for any extra charges within 10 working days from the date of final comment. You must pay invoices within 21 days, make cheques payable to ‘Barnet Corporation.’ You can also pay by phone on 020 8359 3000.

Procedures and level of service

You need to submit the form together with the fee and all relevant information. You should request any specialist advice you need at this stage.

When we receive your request we will send an acknowledgement letter to you within 2 working days. The letter will tell you whether we have accepted your submission or if we need further information. It will also give you the contact details for the planning case officer.

(Please note: the service has the right to decline a request for pre-application advice where we think it is either appropriate or necessary).

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