Missed bin collections

There may be many reasons why we have not collected your bin, use the check list below before contacting us.

Is it your correct bin collection day? You can find out your collection day for houses and small blocks of flats using your postcode. We collect garden waste every fortnight.

Was your bin placed on the property boundary by 6.30am? We know it is not always possible to place all bins on the boundary of your property. Contact us on 020 8359 4600 to change your collection place.

Has there been severe weather conditions?  In severe weather there may be some delay to your collection. We try to complete all collections wherever possible. We will provide updates on this website and on our facebook and twitter feeds.

Is your bin too heavy or overfilled? We cannot empty your bin if it is too heavy or overfilled. The lid of your bin must always be able to be closed. Heavy bins may cause injury to our crew or damage to the vehicle. Remove any heavy items from your bin for us to empty it on your next scheduled collection day.

Are there items stuck inside your bin? Our crews are not allowed to remove any items which are stuck in the bin. Loosen or remove any stuck or frozen items in your bin for us to empty it on your next collection day.

Does your bin contain incorrect items? Our crews will leave a bin hanger on your bin to tell you the reason your bin was not collected. We have a guide for what to put in your bins. Remove any incorrect items from your bin before the next collection day. You can take uncollected waste to the Summers Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre. If you can’t wait for your next collection day you can pay for a special collection.

Can we access your bins? Your bins have to be accessible for our crews to collect them. Do not block access to your bins with extra waste (for example, bags), vehicles or other obstructions.

Is your bin damaged? We ask you to look after your bins. Don't fill bins with soil, concrete, hardcore or heavy waste and ensure lids are closed. Store bins after collection away from public pathways. We will maintain and replace bins that have been damaged through wear and tear. Arrange a replacement bin. 

Is your bin a Barnet bin? We do not collect bins that are not marked with the Barnet logo.

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