Brown food waste bin

If you live in a house or a small block of flats with 5 or less flats, you will have food waste collections. You can use your brown food waste bin and caddy for your food waste.

You have a 7 litre food waste caddy for your kitchen and a 23 litre outdoor food waste bin. Your caddy is for you to collect unwanted food and leftovers in your kitchen. You can empty this into your larger food waste bin outside. The brown food waste bin has a lockable lid.

We collect your bin every week on the same day. Place your locked brown food waste bin on the boundary of your property by 6.30 am on your collection day.

Find your collection day

Remove all food packaging before placing food into your bin or caddy. Do not place items in plastic bags or wrap in newspaper. You can use compostable caddy liners.  Use the correct compostable liners in your caddy which should have the seedling logo. You can also place the food loose in your caddy or brown food waste bin without a liner.

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