Youth Offending Service

We work with young people aged between aged 10 and 18, that have committed an offence. We support them to help make changes in their lives so they do not re-offend or cause further harm to the community. This includes promoting restorative justice and working with victims.

A Magistrate at a Court refers young people to the service when they convict them of an offence and give either a community or custodial sentence.

We carry out an assessment for each young person referred to the service. This identifies the risks for that individual. And helps us produce and put in place a supervision plan which ensures their personal safety and well being.

The team includes:

  • probation officers
  • youth offending team officers
  • police
  • family support worker
  • social workers
  • restorative justice / victim worker

The team also has staff for substance misuse and access to adolescent mental health services. It also works with health, housing, children’s services, schools and education authorities.

We also:

  • help young people at the police station if arrested
  • help young people and their families at court
  • supervise young people serving a community sentence
  • stay in touch with a young person if they’re sentenced to custody and help them to prepare for release
  • arrange for young people to make amends for their behaviour
  • provide support for parents of young people who are in trouble
  • encourage young people to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle, including going to school / college or finding work
  • support young people to access support with substance misuse, emotional or mental health.

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